Dungeon Construction Co.

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Dungeon Construction Co.

Are you a team player? Do you have experience with ancient eldritch horrors? Need to make a little gold to support a mana addiction? Come work for Dungeon Construction Co.! We currently have an opening in our dungeon running a focus group. You will be generously compensated with EXPOSURE and EXPERIENCE POINTS! Also, due to the recent high intern [death rate]*, there are lots of opportunities for advancement.

Dungeon Construction Co.: We build adventure!

From the participation-award-winning comic creators of Dungeon Construction Co. (whose moms love them very much), and a guy who made a game once with cats and tacos in it, comes the okayest game you’ve played since you installed [insert RPG title]** on your grandma’s heart monitor.

Featuring: - 10 exciting levels of ever-increasing danger. Can you make it through the dungeon? - A bonus Endless Mini-game - Collectible HATS (you know you love hats) - All ads offer a reward! - Hate ads? You can opt to remove non-optional ads - 73% more Capybaras than the leading dungeon runner

* remove "death rate" add "turnover" ~ Tedward ** I don't care Wizard, put whatever hot RPG the kids play ~ Tedward

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