Catasaurus Rex and the Infinite Papercut

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Catasaurus Rex and the Infinite Papercut

If you want to sate your need to collect stuff¹, blow up creatures, and run endlessly, you have found your new addiction². There are no levels, just endless running with a plethora³ of mostly likable characters. Earn coins, rank on the leaderboard, fill your collection, spin the wheel for prizes, and RUN! Catasaurus Rex is an infinite runner featuring several paper doll inspired characters. Each character features a unique level with different enemies to dodge (or explode). See how long you can run and work your way up the leaderboard. Collect coins, spin the wheel to win more characters. Put your reflexes to the test!

Catasaurus Rex is free! Additional characters can be purchased in the game OR won on the prize wheel!
Catasaurus Rex also features non-intrusive optional video ads. Receive in-game coins for watching, use the coins to spin the wheel!

¹ May contain tacos
² Claims have not been verified
³ Yes El Guapo, we know what a plethora is

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