SantaMeter™ 4000

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SantaMeter™ 4000

Ever wish you could show your kids just where they stand on Santa's List? Have you ever wanted to be able to send naughty and nice reports directly to the big guy? Ever wish you could bring your house Elf everywhere? Well, now you can. Send reports to the Big Guy and check your child's status on the list with the SantaMeter™ 4000. In conjunction with Santa's workshop, we have built an easy to use, fast, and fun way to report your children's behavior.

*Our app utilizes the latest in Elven technology, which means: - We don't collect or transmit any personal data via the internet (we use elf magic) - We don't have ads or in-app purchases

**Be sure to check out the "?" help section on how to properly check the Naughty/Nice list!**

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